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Nov 10, 2013 7:00pm PST
tells us about his time with the rebels fighting to take syria, and about his 210 days of captivity, torture and eventual salvation. >> matt schrier: the gunfire was all day, sniper fire all day. i mean, we were behind a wall, and you couldn't come out from that wall. if you stuck your head out from that wall, they would blow it off. >> pelley: matt schrier is a war photographer and like most journalists, he slipped into syria with the help of the free syrian army-a moderate rebel group supported by the united states. schrier captured these images of f.s.a. rebels fighting the forces of the syrian dictator bashar al assad. what were the rebels fighting for? >> schrier: freedom. one of the guy's names was hamid noor. after the first battle that night, he was walking back, and he just looked, and he held out his hand, and the area was devastated. and he just goes, "no freedom. no freedom." and he went through his phone, and he just showed me all his friends. "dead. dead. dead. bashar. bashar." like that, over and over again. and that's what they all, they were all calling for, freedom
Nov 10, 2013 7:30pm EST
good for seven up to the 35. >> solomon: what did they tell us about case keenum? very effective, he can make plays off schedule when things break down. >> kevin: third and three. keenum deep, out of bounds for johnson. coverage by peterson. fourth and three. all comes down to this. now this cardinals defense we've talked about up to them to make a play. j.j. watts can do nothing but look on along with a lot of other houston texans. keenum. knocked away by powers, it -- pressure up the middle by darnell dockett. and on downs the cardinals will take over. it's exactly what you have to do. dockett comes around here you've got to put pressure on young quarterbacks, make them have to speed up their decision-making process make throws under pressure. pressure up front leads to good coverage on the back end. they went for hopkins, good coverage on the back ends of the defense. >> kevin: houston is out of timeouts. keenum walks to the sideline, discouraged wide phillips, discouraged gary kayak watching back in stay stop arizona cardinals are going to win their second consecutive game they h
Nov 17, 2013 7:00pm PST
from setting foot on u.s. soil, and president obama vowing to shut the prison down, life at gitmo grinds on. we were given a tour of camp five echo block, where detainees began to protest the moment we arrived. it was the first time video cameras were allowed inside this wing of the facility where detainees who have attacked military guards are held. we were told to move as fast as possible. >> rose: billionaires don't usually like to talk about their wealth, but this group has. they and others like them have all pledged to give at least half of their incredible fortunes away to charity-- a half a trillion dollars, so far. >> government is showing, you know, over the last couple of decades that it can no longer solve the great problems of the day. now, these philanthropists who have incredible wealth, and also the name and the influence, are uniquely qualified right now to solve the huge problems. >> simon: garbage is the only crop in cateura-- ten cents for a pound of plastic; five cents for a pound of cardboard. you'll be amazed at what else people here are doing with this trash
Nov 3, 2013 7:00pm PST
>> stahl: we were given rare access to the u.s. military base at guantanamo bay where 164 suspected terrorists are being detained. this is khalid sheikh mohammed's holding cell. he and four other al qaeda suspects are on trial for the attacks of 9/11. i've heard people say, "look, he's trying ksm. why are we contorting ourselves? these guys slaughtered 3,000 innocent people. this was not the battlefield; these were people going to work." >> pelley: you don't realize how over used the word "breathtaking" is until something actually takes your breath away. ford builds 23,000 vehicles a day; lamborghini builds 11, each purchased a year in advance, each unique. it is very beautiful and it is completely impractical. >> yes. >> pelley: tonight, "60 minutes" celebrates italy's super car as lamborghini turns 50. >> keteyian: nick saban runs the gold standard of football programs. he has been disciplining and demanding on his three championships in four years. >> i want you to step, step, step. do it again. i told you three times already today. we create a standard for how we want to do thin
Nov 24, 2013 7:00pm PST
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Nov 3, 2013 7:30pm EST
. solomon: if you're going to either kick the field goal or you use a time-out if you're cleveland. or do you go ahead and take the penalty, move it back a hair? kevin: do you go for it on fourth down then if you don't get that make them go the entire length of the field? solomon: you burn as much time off the clock as you can. kevin: about 18 seconds or so. and cleveland will take the time. solomon: there you go. good clock management by rob chudzinski. kevin: billy cundiff. solomon: does a really good job. he's a fine young coach. we saw them in a game against minnesota manufacture a win on the road against the vikings. faking special teams, faking punts. faking field goals and throwing it. anything they can do to manufacture points and win a ballgame. kevin: cundiff has had one blocked this season. on the field now. looks like it's going to be a 22-yard try to put them up by six. wind at his back. 22-yard field goal try by cundiff. lanning to hold. 24-18. 14 seconds left. good-looking drive. a run by campbell of 12. -- 12. a catch and run of 17 by ogbonnaya. a reception of 14 by ogbonn
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6